Fresque de Brusk en partenariat avec Handicap International

Un partenariat est mené avec Handicap International dans le cadre de la campagne « Monument au civil inconnu » pour la lutte contre les bombardements de civils dans le monde. Une fresque monumentale a été réalisée proche du siège de l’association dans le 8e arrondissement de Lyon par l’artiste Brusk qui figure parmi les artistes programmés à Peinture Fraîche. La fresque est visible en réalité augmentée.

Adresse : 51 Bd des Etats-Unis, Lyon 8ème

Découvrez la bière du festival

Cette année encore, retrouvez à la pression la bière officielle brassée en édition imitée par Ninkasi : la Hell of a Saison.

Une bière blonde de style Rye Saison (comprenez bière saison au seigle) qui offre des notes de céréales, banane et épices.

Un vrai melting-pot qui rassemble houblons anglais, américains et levure belge. Mais une bière surtout 100% locale, co-créée entre Ninkasi et une artiste sélectionnée par notre équipe. Vous aurez peut être reconnu son style, c’est BOUDA qui a habillé l’étiquette de ses personnages mouvants, aux émotions exacerbées et aux traits nets.

Retrouvez la bouteille en vente à l’espace boutique du festival !



(RED) partners up with Peinture Fraîche for 7 murals, 7 street artists in 7 places in Lyon.

Born in the 60s in the United States, Ron English sprays streets, museums, films and books with his pop and colorful posters. English coined the term POPaganda and is considered as one of the most recognizable and prolific artists of his generation.

Chinese artist DALeast like to represent the energy and motion flowing through living beings. For this mural, the artist chose to represent an soaring eagle, as if the bird was flying over and protecting the crowd with it it's majestic presence.

Artistic duo, Faile creates graphic art inspired by a retro esthetic with a contemporary language. For this composition, Faile pays hommage to Keith Haring, legendary artist that actively fought against aids, whose artwork was recently exhibited during a retrospective in 2008 in Lyon's Museum of Contemporary Art.

Contemporary French artist, Ludo comes from the street art movement. Born in Paris, Ludo started expressing himself via graffiti in the streets of his hometown at a very young age. Switching over to posters in 2007, Ludo's art speaks about what surrounds us, what affects us and tries to highlight some kind of humility.

Born in 1976 in Saint-Priest, France, Brusk discovers Street Art in the 90s and starts spraying in the Lyon Part-Dieu train station. After graduating from the Ecole des Beaux- Arts in Saint Etienne, he integrates the DMV (Da Mental Vaporz), a highly renowned crew in Europe. This piece was conceived thanks to a collaboration with Mur69 in the aim of spreading awareness to the struggle against AIDS.

The South African artist works on intimate or mythological representations of humans. This piece represents the strength of the link between caregiver and patient, protector and protected. It also depicts the primordial love of a mother for her child as a metaphore for the care and inconditional attention that is given to any vulnerable person in a hospital. She explains that « painting on the maternity ward, a place in which beings enter this earthly kingdom, was significant ».

For the Portuguese artist, this mural has a simple message and signification : « Help ». It's objective : hit and activate the (usually numb) nerve in all of us, the one that says « help each other ».

©Inès Collado